Sheltered Tennis Court

Located in the southeast corner of the Sichuan International Tennis Center, the Sheltered Tennis Court consists of 10 connected standard venues. The novel swallowtail-shaped greenhouse shows the fashion and vitality of tennis.

Clay Tennis Court

Located in the Sheltered Tennis Court in Sichuan International Tennis Center, the Clay Tennis Court was built in June, 2018 in accordance with international standards, which is the first international standard clay tennis court open to the public in...

Plate tennis

Plate tennis

Outdoor/Indoor Tennis Court

Located in the center of the Sichuan International Tennis Center, the Outdoor Tennis Court has a total of 17 tennis courts.

Badminton Room

There are 10 badminton courts in the Comprehensive Gymnasium built in accordance with the standards of the ITF international badminton competition. Made of imported materials and equipped with complete exhaust ventilation system and lighting facilities...

Table Tennis Room

There are 2 table tennis tables of international standard in the gym. With exhaust ventilation system and complete lighting facilities, the gym can host various table tennis events. Meanwhile, it provides a platform for learning and communication among sp

Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

In a comfortable and tranquil environment, the Indoor Heated Swimming Pool is designed with full-floor glass bay window, embracing excellent natural lights. The water temperature is maintained at 26-28℃ all year around. Meanwhile, it adopts 24-hour...

Billiard Room

There are “Snooker” table and “American nine ball” table in the Billiard Room, both meeting international standards. With a high-end and quiet environment, Billiard Room can provide sports fans with perfect billiard exercise experience.

Squash Room

Located in the Comprehensive Gymnasium of Sichuan International Tennis Center, two squash rooms are inside the gym, built according to international standards. With exhaust ventilation system and complete lighting facilities, squash rooms can provide spor

Futsal Football Fields

Next to the Comprehensive Gymnasium, the Futsal Football Fields were built and put into use in 2015. There are three artificial grass soccer venues of international standard, covering a total area of 4,800 m2 and courts area of 2,100 m2. The Futsal Footba

Tennis Center Court

In accordance with the standards of ITF and ATP, the center court consists of 1 final venue with 6346 spectators seats and 24 luxurious viewing rooms, 2 semi-final venues with 2000 seats, large open-air exhibition platform, commercial selling stores...

Golf Court

The Sichuan International Tennis Center Golf Course is one of the Venues, with a total area of 24,000㎡,meeting the design specifications of the American Golf Association. It offers you a pleasant place for relaxing and enjoying gathering with friends. The


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