Sichuan Tennis International Garden is located in No.266, Second part of Baiyi Upper Street, Dongsheng Sub-district, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China .It covers an area of about 194,000 ㎡, and construction area of about 660,000㎡ in total. The project is divided into two stages, in which the first phase has completed a construction area of around 270,000, and the second has a planning of 380,000 or so.

Based on a British garden landscape, British architectural style and exotic landscape design style, the whole project is designed to create the most comfortable and livable ecological community in Dongsheng Sub-district, Shuangliu District. Adopting scientific and rational human design, as well as with the best architectural parameters and the most reasonable garden group, the project is dedicated to creating the most livable and humanized housing model. In order to create a beautiful natural ecological environment, British landscape is used in the buildings. In the planning, with an environmental ecology as the guide, a 300-meter central axis landscape avenue was designed at the entrance of community gate, which makes full use of the space layout between the buildings to form a natural human landscape, and makes the British landscape and the British architectural style harmoniously matched, presenting fashionable, graceful and comfortable features.


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